Tochiotome25 is a local pop music Idol group in Tochigi Prefecture in Japan. It was founded in 2010 to promote Tochigi Prefecture at the Shanghai Expo in 2010. After Tochiotom25 participated in the U.M.U. awards in Tokyo, 2012, the popularity of the group suddenly went up. The group’s goal is to be both a local Idol group and a global Idol group. So, they want to be a "Glocal Idol Group.” The average age of the members is 16.



Tochiotome25 promotes the agricultural products of Tochigi in Japan. Tochiotome is the name of a strawberry grown in Tochigi prefecture. It is the most cultivated strawberry in Japan. The Tochigi strawberry grown in summer is called Natsuotome No. 25. Therefore, this Idol group’s name comes from these two things… first, there is the strawberry, Tochiotome, and then there is the name of the summer version, "Natsuotome No. 25.” These two strawberry’s give the group its name… Tochiotome25. The group not only advertises Tochigi’s agricultural products in Japan, but also promotes them in China and all over the world. Tochiotome25 is actively promoting the popularity of Tochigi dairy and agricultural products, folk crafts, technology, sightseeing as well as trying to promote investment opportunities for the world market.